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Conceptualizing, Branding, Pre Production, Full Production and Post Production services.

We had an entirely different concept and treatment developed for this project but time was against us so we had to rethink the possibilities. To be honest it was a challenge but we were still able to produce something that we are happy and excited about. Marge Blackman is a truly gifted, unique and powerful artiste and this song, like many of her other songs, deserves a video that complements her quality. We shot on location in Trinidad over one weekend and had the rest of the week to finish in post. We shot using #redepicw #heliumsensor #8k #6k . Editing and VFX were done using #AdobePremiereCC and #AfterEffectsCC.

Producer – Viscuña Bros
Director – Joshua Viscuña
Director of Photography – Jonathan Viscuña
Assistant Director – Joseph Visuña
Camera Assistant – Justin Viscuña
Editors – Joshua Viscuña & Ryan Lee Pow (Bolo)
VFX – Alan Lee Pow & Joseph Viscuña
Production Assistants – Lisa-Marie Brown, Halcyon Sealey, Jamie Simmons
Makeup – Tracey Lennard & Ashonda James
Behind the scenes – Olajuwon Scott & Nickelson Williams

Management – Akwesi Chester
Song Produced by – Sheriff Mumbles

Special Thanks – Martika Viscuña, Daena Viscuña, Erin Hassanali, Timmy Mora