Viscuña Brothers


Viscuna Brothers Productions

Conceptualizing, Branding, Pre Production, Full Production and Post Production services.

What an honor and tremendous blessing it was to be in the presence of this multi-talented artist. Isaac Blackman has a way of inspiring those around him with the music and his poetic storytelling. Even though the production days were lengthy, at no time did we feel the hours on set. I lost count of the number of times we all laughed coming from a place of sheer joy. The production team was awesome! Praise God.

Artiste: Isaac Blackman
Creative/Directed/Shot/ Edited: Viscuña Brothers
Producer/ Coordinator: Halcyon Sealy
Assistant Producer: Lisa-Marie Brown
Production Assistants: Jamie Simmons, Heidi De Souza, Koan Thornhill
Styling Consultant: Keziah Lendor
Dancers: Noelle Jeuelle Archer, Maria James, Josiah Santana, Timothy Suber
Dance Choreographer: Dominic Davis, Rico St. Vincent
Live Band: Gamma Ray
Song Produced by Jamoo Studios
Music Mastered by JLab Pro
Special Thanks: Dixie-Ann Blackman, Anthony Fung, Romano Francois, Timmy Mora, Judith Sealey, Martika Viscuña, Daena Viscuña, Port of Spain City Corporation, Trincity Mall, CE Tangyuk & Company Ltd. Trincity Mall, Francis Fashions Shoe Locker Trinicity Mall, Tru Valu Supermarket Trincity Mall, Bar B Que Trincity Mall, The Staff of Equipment & Supply Ltd., Rocky Jr Bus Transport