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Viscuna Brothers Productions

Conceptualizing, Branding, Pre Production, Full Production and Post Production services.


Nestled in the heart of the twin island Republic of Trinidad and Tobago you will find a group of multi-talented creative young men with over 30 years experience among them in the area of television production. Each of the four brothers bring their own unique genius to the business which has earned this fledgling company the respect of the competitive industry in which it operates.

Jonathan Viscuña

Founder/ Manager/ Director of Photography

Jonathan was on track to a career as a professional football (soccer) player in the UK. Still, circumstances combined with a genuine love for storytelling brought him back home to Trinidad. He remembers being fascinated with lighting and shot composition in the early days as a Camera Assistant at Stefan Jones Productions Limited, and he committed to the field. Four years later, he transitioned to Visual Art and Production Limited, where he continued camera work, writing, explored editing and graphic design. He directed and co-written a short film called Mark My Trails which gave him a secure foundation in the filmmaking process. Next, he moved on to Senior Director of Photography/Editor at 2020 Productions, where his concentration was now documentary. It taught him the value of proper research, production, project management, and communication. Several years later he became a freelancer, taking primary responsibilities with music videos, short films, documentaries, commercials, soap operas, live talent shows, and live concerts. Aligning with his brothers was his next step and 16 years later he never looked back.

Joseph Viscuña

Director of 3D Animation & Visual Effects

Joseph began in the local film industry at Stephen Lee Pow Productions, where he got a general overview of film production. At Stefan Jones Productions, however, he found his niche as Digital Effects Artist coupled with his innovative editing skills. After a few years, he yearned for a new challenge and it came in the form of Visual Art and Production Company Limited, where he became a more versatile editor/graphic artist. While specializing in television commercials, he also worked on short films and documentaries, allowing him to excel at Visual Arts while he worked on major campaigns.

The next step was in the direction of Timeline Ltd., a new production company Joseph helped to build successfully from its inception. He became the Senior Editor/Digital Effects Artist. He also directed various features, including “Milestones to Parliament” and Carnival Events. However, the Digicel Rising Stars series showcased his talent as Co-Producer/Editor. Next, he attended film school in Vancouver to pursue 3D Animation and Visual Effects, since then Joseph has spread his wings even wider as he heads the 3D Animation and Visual Effects Department.

Joshua Viscuña

Director / Editor 

Joshua’s attention to detail became apparent when he began his career almost 25 years ago in the film and video industry as a Trainee Technical Assistant/Editor at Stephen Lee Pow Productions Limited. His exposure to the Anthony Maharaj movie, “Shells,” was the beginning of his journey. Next came his apprenticeship with one of the most sought-after video production facilities in Trinidad – Stefan Jones Productions Limited. In this enviable position, Joshua took advantage of learning more about the industry and developed a natural love for editing and graphic design. Love soon became obsession as he became a whiz with Adobe, Media 100, and AVID programs. Joshua knew he could offer more dynamism to local TV commercials than what existed at the time; thus, when offered the chance to be part of the Visual Art and Production team, he readily accepted. Joshua was allowed to explore his directing abilities during his four years there. He offered unique visual solutions to commercials, documentaries, corporate features, and music videos. This exposure grounded him firmly in the Director’s chair, understanding most of the needs and requirements of any brand. For the past 16 years with his brothers Josh has directed, edited and supervised over 250 productions. These comprise of international award-winning advertising commercial campaign, short films and cooperate videos.

Justin Viscuña

Director of Sound/Producer

Justin got his first gig as a boom operator on the set of “The Ghost of Hing King Estate” – a locally produced film directed by the acclaimed Horace Ové. He worked with the head of sound, Cedric Smart, a master in audio engineering.  Justin wanted to be exposed to the various areas of film and video production, so he chose to continue his young career under the guidance of his brother Joseph at Timeline Ltd. Although his experiences there naturally led him down the editing path, Justin’s initial exposure to audio engineering stayed with him. Having returned from California being certified in Production Sound under the tutelage of renowned sound mixer Fred Ginsburg (CAS, Ph.D., MBKS) and Pro Tools Software training with Joel Krantz, (Assistant Professor of Film Production), Justin is poised to continue nurturing his skills as the Director of Sound Editing.

A Letter of Recommendation


Dear Sir/Madam

This letter serves to recommend Viscuña Brothers Production Company in brand development, concept development and video production.

Viscuña Brother Production Company played a significant part in the “Telecommunications War” for supremacy. It was a time with fierce competitive rivalry, with constant moves and counter moves between the embedded telecommunications king and the new entrant to the market. Which network you used and how happy you were with them was a common discussion in Trinidad & Tobago at that time. What helped to devour the competition’s market share was the development of the Digicel brand. Viscuña Brothers’ role in this cannot be understated.

Due to both their creativity and judgement I loved what they brought to the agency and pushed for this revolutionary chemistry to continue. This is not at all typical of the industry. Production companies are usually brought in after strategy and not during. However, this new arrangement proved to be a master stroke. Organically Viscuña Brothers became part and parcel of this important process, conceptualizing and strategizing with agency and Digicel. The Brothers have a natural understanding of how to emotionally move the local audience; how to make them feel excited, make them laugh and even get them singing and dancing along. This talent is often missed or not fully appreciated by many of today’s marketers concerned with the mechanics of marketing strategy. To build a powerful brand you’ve got to turn people on. Put simply they knew how to do this and importantly how to execute it with high-end video production.

At Digicel I was in one of the great modern local marketing battles that was both enthralling and draining. Having the Viscuña Brothers to go into battle with was a real asset for me and the team. Together with the agency we took on a giant and won. I would recommend Viscuña Brothers to any company who is looking for their brand to stand out. As marketers we are all desperate for our brands and communications to be remembered or better yet, sparkle… For that you need a combination of real creativity and great execution. This is what Viscuña Brothers are all about.


Sacha Thompson: Former CEO

Current Chairperson Digicel Trinidad & Tobago                                    

click link : Digicel – Sacha Thompson